Is Your Relationship Growing or Dissolving?

Every relationship follows a path and at some point, every relationship comes to a Decision point. This pattern shows up most clearly in our intimate relationships - especially in our marriages.**

At that Decision point, we decide to take our relationship to the next level and put in effort to create Vision and Growth OR we decide to continue with the damage we have been doing to the relationship and allow it to slowly decay and decline.

Where is your relationship on the path?

Sacred Physicality Relationship Path

To get guidance and support now, apply for one of our Strategy Sessions here. You'll receive a 30-minute complimentary session where we can examine what you want to create, what is holding you back, and what resources you need to get you moving.

Are you in the early stages of your relationship and looking for the secret to keep the magic alive? Do you feel ill-equipped for a lifetime of extraordinary living?

Our VIP Day for Couples and our Relationship Retreats can provide you with the skills and inspiration you need to keep your relationship magical.

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Are you at a critical Decision point and looking for guidance to step onto the path to long-term Vision and Growth for your relationship?

Our Coaching can help you get clarity about where your relationship needs to go next.

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Are you feeling that your relationship could be even better than it is and that there are just a few keys missing to turn the lock?

Our Coaching, VIP Days, and Relationship Retreats can all provide you with the motivation and tools you want to make your relationship truly extraordinary.

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Or are you sliding into decline and damaging habits that will drain you of your energy and happiness?

Yes? Check out the Deadly D's below.

The Deadly D's

Here at Sacred Physicality we call the slide into decline the Deadly D's and it's a destructive cycle that almost always ends in relationship death.

Let us help you get clarity and support you to escape this cycle.

If you're in a marriage, and you're stuck in the Deadly D's, it means you're likely on the path to divorce with all of the pain and expense that decision involves.

And if you don't believe in divorce and are determined to stick it out, no matter how painful it is, it means you're on the path toward spiritual death.

This is serious stuff. Relationships form the very core of our spiritual development and if we don't figure out how to have successful relationships then we are in for a lifetime of woe.

If you're stuck in the Deadly D's or think you may be at a crucial decision point, it's time to get the support and tools you need to turn your relationship around.

Relationships that last with Sacred Physicality.
Create relationships that last with Sacred Physicality.

The good news is that the ability to create 'Wow!' relationships is not a gift that some people have and some people don't.

Even when we come from dysfunctional homes (hands up!) we have the power to choose a life we love.

We can learn the skills to create healthy and joyful relationships.


Let us be part of your decision to commit to something new. Apply for a Strategy Session today.

** In this context, we use marriage to mean any long-term, romantic relationship where you have committed to your spouse that you are here for the long-haul.

If you have questions about whether this coaching is right for your relationship, contact us today.


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